Our Team

Whether you’ve been with us for years or are brand new, we want everyone to be part of the team! But here are a few people we think you should know about...

Ministry Team

Andy O'Brien

Senior Pastor

Hi! I arrived in September 2019 as the new minister of our church. I’m married to Becca and we have three boys aged 13, 11 and 7. I became a Christian aged 20 at university whilst studying Natural Sciences. I love leading our church and seeing what the Lord is doing and will do amongst us! 

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Linda Trevitt


Life Story

I’m thankful for the teacher who came to my school in 6th form.  She set up a Christian meeting & invited a few of us to Christian summer camp events. These were great opportunities for hearing the gospel clearly taught, and seeing it joyfully lived out.   I was slow to fully catch on though! The Lord was patient with me and continued to place Christians in my path at university in Edinburgh.  Through hearing God’s word clearly taught at church and meeting Christians my own age, the Lord grew genuine trust in Christ in me and a desire to follow Him in all areas of my life. After university I served in student ministry in London ’08-‘09 and then the Czech Republic ’09-11. It has been a privilege to be serving at Christchurch Earlsfield and doing women’s ministry in particular since then.  Further training has included the Cornhill training course ’12-‘14, and a Biblical Counselling course ’14-’16.
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Prayer for CCE

I pray that our church would be used to share the good news of Jesus in Wandsworth and beyond and that we’d keep growing in our love and encouragement of each other.

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Melissa Dunnett

Ministry Assistant

I’m Melissa and I do admin for Christ Church @ All Saints. I first visited this church for a carol service in 2011 as the guest of a work colleague. Fast forward a few years and I’m now a Christian myself and studying this year how to teach the Bible to others. Although I heard the Gospel as a teenager, I didn’t understand it fully until I read the Bible with other Christians in my thirties. It then took me longer still to realise that it applied to me personally and that I needed to respond to what Jesus did on the cross. God was very patient with me and softened my heart along the way. He has also placed some amazing people in my path over the years who have prayed for me and taught me. I hope you’ll find this church as friendly and welcoming as I did!

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Anouska Barnes

Ministry Assistant

Hi I’m Nush (short for Anouska) and I’m a ministry assistant at Christ Church at All Saints. I’ve lived in Earlsfield, Wandsworth since 2005, am married to Matt, have 2 children Joel and Phoebe and a spaniel called Daisy. I’m a former languages teacher, and am now studying part-time at Cornhill, keen to know Jesus better and to teach God’s word to people more faithfully. I became a Christian when I was 23 during a time of searching for answers to life’s big questions. I am so grateful God put my sister and other people in my life who witnessed to me about Jesus. I grew up Catholic but had never read the bible for myself before and it was whilst reading a gospel account of Jesus’ life that I believed that Jesus was who he said he was and that the Bible was true. I am passionate about talking to people about Jesus. I love to cook, play music, sing and hang out with friends and family – preferably all at the same time!

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Richard Mawuli

Ministry Trainee

I’ve been with the church for a year and as of 2020 September, became a Ministry Trainee alongside the Co-Missions network. Growing up to my adult years, I held to a religious pride and was under the assumption that I both knew God and was in right relationship to him. God in his gracious character did a great work of tearing down those beliefs through; evangelists, the courage of a Women who approached me to share with me the gospel one night & YouTube sermons signposting me to Christ. I came to an understanding of my need to be saved, to trust the person and work of Jesus. Since, God has kept me, displays his glory continually to me & leads me. After being saved, I had a desire to share the gospel message and did so with my local church while at university. With a desire alike, with the affirmation of those whom are mature in the faith & by faith I decided to take the step to become a ministry trainee. By God’s grace my hope is to grow in my understanding of God’s word, learn to handle it and teach it while growing in discernment of God’s will for my life.

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Rob Turner

Rob, along with his wife Karen and daughters Amelie and Lola, lives in Wimbledon Park. A former Army officer, Rob has also worked with an international relief organisation. He currently works in Operations with John Lewis Partnership. He is an avid sportsman and especially enjoys escaping to the Devon coast for surfing and windsurfing.

Al Gordon


Al and his wife Anna have a daughter, Lillian. Part of Al’s week is spent in his studio as a professional artist. He is also the co-founder and director of Morphe arts; supporting artists, designers and performers through mentoring and events.